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Carefully Engineered Industrial Coating Solutions

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Zero or Low-VOC Paint and Coatings

At Egyptian Coatings, we understand how difficult it can be for a business to stay on top of state, local, and federal regulations. Our zero and low-VOC coatings offer a convenient, EPA-friendly solution for your products. We offer several custom coatings that can keep your products beautiful and durable for years to come.

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Our Industry-Leading, Low-VOC Spray Coating

Egyptian Coatings is proud to offer an air-dry lacquer solution for brass, bronze, copper, and other metals. Our proprietary Enduralac solution provides a hard, chemical-resistant film that’s perfect for all types of application equipment. Enduralac is built with excellent flowing capabilities, which eliminates the annoying orange peel that other lacquers suffer from.

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Use Enduralac For:

  • Brass Furniture
  • Brass Musical Instruments
  • Jewelry
  • Belt Buckles
  • Interior Architectural Brass & Bronze
  • Interior Lighting Fixtures
  • Cabinet and Door Hardware
  • And More!

We sell Enduralac as a high-solids lacquer. Enduralac should be reduced using one of our premium lacquer thinners.


Our Proprietary Zero-VOC Quench Coating

Thermadep is the gold standard for zero-VOC quench coating. We specifically engineered this water-based quench coating for heat-treated metal parts, making it an effective black oxide replacement. Because Thermadep is made up of water-soluble polymers and dispersants, you can enjoy nearly limitless options for corrosion resistance, lubricity, and color. There are hundreds of combinations at your fingertips.

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Our Thermadep technology also provides environmentally friendly coatings, depending on the formulation. With our technology, there’s no need to buy costly disposal services or environmental equipment for safe operation. We make it easy to clean up and protect the environment at the same time.
The Thermadep technology also removes the need for surface preparation or pre-treatments! Simply dip your heated metal parts in the coating and let the parts air dry. Your employees will not need to prep the metal surface. By eliminating surface preparation steps and disposal costs, Thermadep results in larger cost savings for your business! Simply quench your heated part.

How to Use Thermadep

  • Heat metal parts to be quenched
  • Submerge metal parts in the coating. Temperature requirements and dwell time vary based on the item being coated
  • Remove items from the  dwell tank and let them air dry

Thermadep FAQ

1. Do I need to add ammonia?

In the early days of using water-based paints and coatings, there were problems with maintaining pH. In some cases, this would result in bacteria growth and a bad odor. This is no longer the case, and our Thermadep product lines remain pH-stable and bacteria-free without adding ammonia.

2. How well does the coating material stay mixed?

Thermadep stays mixed very well. Thermadep was designed by a metallurgist to be used directly out of a heat-treating process, allowing the coating to build layers and not sit on the surface and blister. The lack of understanding about the process leads to the misinformation that Thermadep does not stay mixed easily. Thermadep products have very little settling or soft settling, which mixes in quickly and easily. If any settling is in the bottom of the tank, it is a result of the steel dust from the wire used in the spring winding process. 

3. Does the material stick to the belts and machinery?

As the Thermadep coating begins to heat up, the belt is heated from processing the heated parts. A degree of buildup occurs, which will happen with any coating, as it forms a film that offers a level of performance and protection.

4. How glossy is the coating?

The appearance of the coating is based on a few things. The surface of the product being coated is the main factor. Our Thermadep products generally apply with an average film thickness of 0.5-1.0 mils DFT.
The resulting thin film follows the contours of the substrate. If the substrate is rough, the coating will not be glossy. However, if the surface is smooth, the coating will be glossy.

5. How fast will the coating dry/cure?

The drying time of our Thermadep will vary slightly, depending on the mass or size of the parts being coated and the temperature used in the stress-relieving or heat-treat process. 
When the parts come out of the Thermadep coating tank, they are transferred from the tank pick-up conveyor to a drying conveyor. The time spent on the drying conveyor depends on the factors mentioned above. Time typically varies from just a few seconds to a few minutes. 

6. How glossy is the coating?

Thermadep products are generally low to medium in gloss. Film thickness can impact the gloss level, but that is affected by a combination of solids in the tank, the mass of the part, and the temperature required by the heat-treat process. Please see question #4 for more information. 

7. How much material do I need on hand?

Small parts and small batches require less material in the quench tank, typically 20 gallons or less. Larger parts and batches require more material in the quench tank, which can be 500 gallons or more. The quench tanks contain one part Thermadep to three parts water.

8. How long can I store the material?

Unopened Thermadep product will remain stable and in good condition. The product in the tank will remain usable as new fresh material will refresh the tank during production. No bacteria growth or pH adjustments are needed, as we covered in question #1.

9. How much does Thermadep cost?

Several things can affect cost. Look at how you currently handle your product flow.
Consider the example of a metal spring product. Springs come out of the winder and undergo stress relief, then put into a container to be moved to another area to be painted. They are then handled again for painting and then moved to the drying area for later handling for final processing or packaging. These steps all have a cost, and the expenses can rack up quickly. 
With Thermadep, you can save on your costs. Imagine if the springs dropped into the Thermadep tank after the stress relief step, then got unloaded at the end of the line for final steps or packing. In this example, our cost is about $0.08-$0.09 cents per sq foot. 

Toll Manufacturing/Custom Formulation


Toll Manufacturing for Coatings

Do you need someone to manufacture your industrial coating in large batches? We can help. Our team can produce solvent and water-based formulas in batches of 5 to 500 gallons! We work in an intrinsically safe environment to create your adhesives, coatings, dips, and intermediates.

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We believe in quality above all. To ensure your complete peace of mind, we constantly run tests and conduct quality control measures. If you like, we can monitor and adjust the properties of your formula for viscosity, solids, texture, hiding, gloss, and more.

Custom Formulation

We offer a wide range of coatings, dips, sprays, and more! But if you need something unique for your product or application, let us know. We’re happy to create a product that fits your needs. We can often modify an already-existing formulation to fit your unique use case. We will be by your side for every step of the custom formulation process, and you will receive regular updates and samples.

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Wood Lacquers

Our expert team offers a wide range of wood lacquers, perfect for wooden handles on axes, pencils, tools, and more! We pride ourselves on our low-cost, EPA-compliant solutions.

Low-VOC Dips

Our low-VOC dip is easy to apply, dries quickly, and acts just like a solvent-based lacquer. We have carefully designed our low-VOC dip to be non-grain raising and non-flammable. Our wood lacquer comes in a wide range of gloss finishes, perfect for your wooden handles and tools.

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Solvent-Based Industrial Wood Lacquer

Looking for a solvent-based solution for wood lacquer? We’re proud to say that we offer a wide range of formulas and colors, custom-made to fit your specific color, viscosity, and drying needs. Our convenient wood lacquer is easily applied through a gasket and dries in just seconds.

Use Our Wood Lacquers For:

  • Pencils
  • Drumsticks
  • Broomsticks
  • Arrows
  • And More!

Solvent Coatings and Paint


At Egyptian Coatings, we manufacture all our solvent coatings to be as environmentally safe as possible. We understand the risks that solvent industrial coatings have on the environment and workers, so we ensure to minimize all risks. We offer a wide range of solvent-based coatings for various products and uses. If you decide that a solvent coating isn’t right for your business, we also offer a wide range of zero or low-VOC waterborne coatings.

Our Solutions Include:

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