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A Trusted Leader in Paints, Lacquers, and Coatings Since 1876!

Egyptian Coatings started as The Egyptian Lacquer Manufacturing Co. We were founded in 1876 in Rahway, NJ, to manufacture a product that was almost unknown in America: lacquer. At the time, lacquer was principally used in Germany and Europe to protect metals from tarnishing. We named ourselves after the archaeological explorations in Egypt, which had discovered well-preserved items coated with lacquer. The name Egyptian came to be associated with lacquer's durability and beauty.
We moved from Rahway to South Kearney, NJ, in 1916. From 1916 to 1949, the South Kearney plant served New England, the Middle Atlantic, and the southeastern states. We also established representatives and warehouses in the Midwest, including Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit, Saint Louis, and beyond.
As we grew, we built plants in Lafayette, IN, Franklin, TN, and beyond. We are now headquartered at 113 Fort Granger Dr, in Franklin, TN.
Although our business started off manufacturing lacquer, we soon branched out. Now Egyptian Coatings is an industry leader in the chemical coatings industry and develops extensive product lines for coatings, paint, acrylics, lacquers, and more. We pioneer the latest industrial developments by supporting manufacturers and their unique business needs.
Our team has recently shifted to emphasize the environment in our products. Our ELMCO chemists produce and develop energy-saving, environmentally friendly solvent-based and water-based coatings. We believe in supporting the environment while still delivering the top-notch quality that our clients have come to expect.

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